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Bed Bolt Removal (PITA Prevention)


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April 3, 2009
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'05 Sport Trac XLS (RWD)
My four bed bolt heads were showing lot's of corrosion so I decided to clean them up after reading about the nightmares they can create. Torx heads strip easily, and are no fun when they do, especially these M12 bolts. Seems Ford finds it necessary to cover large bolts with ridiculous amounts of blue Loctite, anyone who has replaced body mounts knows this. Using a ratchet with a cheater pipe and a T55 socket, I wanted to remove one at a time since I read they are different sizes, and didn't want the bed shifting since I was alone. Torque spec is 46 ft/lbs but I believe they required at least triple that to remove, and there was NO rust or corrosion on the threads. Two were galled just from loosening. Another concern was the captive u-nuts stripping or breaking. Cleaned the threads with a wire wheel, coated with anti seize, reinstalled. Peace of mind knowing if I ever need to remove the bed it will be easy without cutting hardened and very expensive bolts and u-nuts that cost around $15 each, and only available from Ford. Anyone know if Torx T55 head caps or covers exist?

I had to deal with the bed bolts and the excessive Loctite (along with Pa.'s excessive amount of road salt doing a number on the threads) the when I did my bodylift, I replaced the factory Torx bed bolts with the regular bolts provided with the bodylift kit. I might still have the factory body and bed bolts laying in the shed, not sure.

As for capping of the torx slot on the head of the bolt you could put body filler, silicone caulking, rubber cement or the like in there to save the torx slots from being distorted or damaged for future maintenance. Atleast I think that's what you're asking about. Tired, it's been a long day.