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Bed extender for 2003 sport trac xlt

Jerry R

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May 12, 2017
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2003 Explorer Sport Tr
i just got 1U5A-19G299-AA I have 2003 sport trac xlt, and the extender does not seem wide enough, Ii still need to buy the pins but do not see how the push pins will do not lock into the holes? Is this the correct unit for my truck, why doesnt it fit?

Additional parts needed?

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There should be rotation pins already mounted into the sides of the bed. The push pins only lock the extender in position. The photos below illustrate the locations where the bed rotation pins connect, and where the locking pins live.

Has someone removed the rotation pins from your truck bed?
Mount-Lock Locations.jpg
Factory Bed Liner.JPG

I have the same extender(purchased used and they said it was the right one but I disagree)with same number#1U5A-19G299-AA for my 2002 but it is too wide and forcing really hard and with a lot of effort, to fit on rotator pin works but it slips off when lifting up to rotate inward into bed. The push pins on the extender don't want to line up that well either. I pull it in and out manually but it is not hooked on properly doing it that way either. My co-worker's 2003 is reversed with holdster clips on the sides of the bed and the rotator pins are fixed on the extender. His is by Amp research Westin name. I may customize mine by cutting out the material on the rotator housing on the extender away and just using the pins at the top to hold in place, not sure yet. May add pics if I get feeling like it for this post too, later. Need to figure how to get tonneau cover unlatched by cab as it is stuck locked and rear by tailgate opens but does not move cable via key lock. what a design!

I have a 2003 sport trac also, here are some pics from my bed extender. Hope it helps.





Thanks DubbaYous, I appreciate the pics and hmmm, maybe my 2002 bed is a hair narrower or the extender (bought used) is bent out wider for some reason. Further inspection for sure and determined to make what I have work.

I also notice if I put the extender on one way I have no problems but if I put on the opposite way it doesn't like it.