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Been gone for a minute but haven't missed it


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March 18, 2007
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Pacifica Ca to be S'Pacific
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So this and that has happened to me and My life, Both Karma and Fate, I was accused of DUI when I was not drunk, but I was trying to evade a 18 wheeler who was trying to run me off the road. aside from that. Get this, Califorinia is a joke. Court date 8am. My name isnt on the list. I ask the clerk who refers me to th DA, they said its still pending because they don't have the results from the blood test. But the DMV got the results 2 weeks ago and said they dropped the DUI charge and I have to do a reinterview. I called the local PD they said the court never requested the results. So why didn't the court notify me that I didn't need to appear, and why did the court said the PD never sent the results over. So Im looking at like 2 months at least before I can get my license back and I was not drinking! Also they DA said my license was valid, the dmv say its suspended. What a joke to live in california. I never drink and drive but, the way I fall thru cracks you would thinks I was cement. eerrr

Sorry to hear about this:( Innocent people get caught up in the "system" all the time:banghead: