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before and after lift

hey wuz up here are some pics of my explorer when i was going for the clean street look

heres a pic after 3" procomp spindles and add a leafs and warrior shackels and 32x1150x15 wirth mb razor wheels

heres a pic after the 3" pa body lift with an aftermarket exhaust just installed

also selling wheels and tires for 750 tread is 95% i need bigger tires are baja a/t

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nice ex, both versions looks pretty good!

Looks much better! I'm an offroader though haha go get some dents and mud on it :D

That is a really nice looking truck. I like the lifted look. Don't get me wrong.
I would drive it the way it looked and be very happy.

Looks cool. Look in My Useful Threads link in my signature and look for how to make body gap guards so the gaps between the frame and body don't look too bad. I like your headlights/corners