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before and after....

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Thats awesome, it looks like it could tear that hummer up offroad. Only one question? where do you get all your money!

i dont have any money thats why im sellin the explorer....... :) have way more than I do. Awesome Hummer and a very nice condo too!! I'd take that projector anyday. :D

how big is the lift on your ex? do you have both body and suspension? also, just for fun, how much are you asking for your ex? thanks.

5.5" susp 3" body.

I think its sold but ill list it if it is not by the end of the week

how big are the tires on that ex?

35 12.50

could you fit 35's under just SOA in the rear and 4" superlift in the front (possibly TT)??

very nice explorer....:)

All I can say is... wow. What more can you say? Did you do 4" superlift and 1.5" TT with matching height in rear and then the 3" body? This is my dream setup. I will have it someday. When parts are cheap enough/I have money.

Originally posted by toddious
could you fit 35's under just SOA in the rear and 4" superlift in the front (possibly TT)??

i've never quoted myself before... haha

Originally posted by toddious
i've never quoted myself before... haha

Yes with maybe some minnor trimming as long as you do a TT.

It looks like a 2wd. Not that there is anything wrong with that, it looks killer. You've done a nice job building it up.

2wd... procomp spindles torsion bar and body lift. not really any trimming but i dont have the lower tupperware on there, i could probly fit 36's on there with a little trimming and or rubbing. but the 35's dont rub at all. they have plenty of room.

todd, to answer your question, NO, not without MAJOR fender cutting, not trimming cutting. i have 8.5" of lift. i had 5.5 before the bodylift and was running 33's they would rub a little when you the wheel was turned and you were going over a curb (at the end of my driveway) you would definitly need the bodylift to run 35's comforably without hackin up your fenders. jefe on this board was running 35's with about 5" of lift but he majorly cut his front fenders.