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Before.... and after.

My Sportster as it evolved over one year of on and off modifications.


and after:

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So what changed?

j/k, looks great. Nice bumper!

6" Skyjacker Stage II in front;
SOA in the back with new axle (4.10 and disk brake upgrade);
Front end with 4.10 and Powertrax lock-right;
33" meats on 15X10 RockCrawlers;
Manual hubs;
Pre-runner rear bumper with spare tire carrier;
Headman headers with turbo exhaust;
KKN intake with filter;
Bosch plugs and wires;
addition of overhead console;
Surco roofrack;
rewired interior to handle more gizmos;
200A alternator.

Coming very soon:
ARB style bumper with a winch;
CV joint drive shaft modification;
traction bars...

more, more, more... never ending quest.

Looks good, Dre. The difference is like winter and summer. ;) Seriously though, I like your bumper. Do you have problem getting that bumper to pass Inspections?

no inspections in Illinois...

I like your comparison though.... winter and summer.

Damn good looking "X". Like that rear bumper too

where is the tire carrier? good skyjacker class 2 :) i have heard they are the best for the d35...... looks darn good.....

where is the tire carrier??? missing or what???


I had to cut it up and reweld it... didn't like tire leaning backwards like that - also I couldn't open the rear hatch... carrier's "lock" was in the way... now it's almost done and ready for paint... it's freezing out there and garage is stil unheated so no paint till spring... darn it!

Front bumper - which has been shipped all the way from Poland is an ARB clone... looks exactly like ARB and is as sturdy as the original if not better.... nobody makes bumpers like this except TrailReady... and I will install a winch on it. Bumper cost me $600.00 shipped. I can get more of them ... and think I will. Here's the photo of the bumper on another Explorer... I bought it from this guy...


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Where'd you get your rear bumper from?


Thats nice. Great job

it will look better when I finally put that bumper and a winch on... bumper came in a wek ago... winch is still en-route


how much??

What was the price tag on just the lift, rims and tires, not including instalation?????

Very nice.


money? I have spent quite a bit working on this truck and never really cared...

lift? total cost about $900.00 - $1,000.00 for everything... I bought front parts seperately here on this board... had to go and get new extended radius arm brackets and all new shocks... plus rear SOA...

it's all worth it though...

I like the work you have done and have been planning to install the skyjacker class II in my '94 xlt.. What size rims and back spacing are your running with the 33s? How is the ride on-road?

Ride is pretty good. Nothing really to complain about... maybe a little wobble at higher speeds on uneven pavement... they call it "The Death Wobble"... not much though after alignment and replacement of worn-out shocks. But what can you expect with 6 inches over stock plus meaty tires?

Tires are 33X12.5 General Mud... on 15X10 AR modulars... backspacing? I have not checked for that as I bought them used... can measure sometime later on when snow melts a bit... 15X10 though will give you fair amount of rubbing even with 6" of lift... I had to cut fenders a little... but you probably know that this is a part of lifting your truck.

With the lift though it all depends on what you plan on doing. IMHO - most of the time 4" Skyjacker is plenty... as long as you can mount 33's... 6" is for guys that do fair amount of off-roading... you can also combine it with 3" body lift but then again - why??? IMO it's just asking for trouble... center of gravity is way up there...

Tell me about this winch bumper, I want one! I really like the ARB, very classic look. How can I get one of these? Does it come without the brush guard part?

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this bumper is not ARB original but a repro... a good one I might add or even better since ARB doesn't give a damn about the Explorer...

It was installed on my friend's truck in Poland... I bought the bumper after this guy rolled his truck... here it is sitting in front of my truck:

It can be made... and shipping should not be that bad... I thing total cost should be around what regular ARB costs...