Before the replacement engine goes in...what should I do to it? | Ford Explorer Forums - Serious Explorations

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Before the replacement engine goes in...what should I do to it?

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haha I say make sure the plugs are brand new! It is a $%#@ trying to change them in a 4.0 SOHC!

Besides that though...I say just make sure it is looking good!:salute:

The placement of the two plugs on the passenger side (not the front one) are SOOO annoying to replace. It took me an hour just on those two plugs with a ten inch extension and a swivel to get them replaced. By the way..if you are replacing plugs on a SOHC, a swivel and extension are INVALUABLE!!

GOODLUCK with the swap!

If you are doing it there anyway you could post pics and make a how to thread about it???? I REALLY would love that!!:D

Plugs are easy to access if you remove the right front wheel well liner. Obviously much easier when the engine is out.

I'd also look into replacing/updating the cam chain parts. Cheap insurance that the engine will run a 100K without any mechanical issues.

Pressure wash the engine compartment so it's nice and clean. :)