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Bench Bleeding the clutch master???


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January 5, 2010
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1996 Ford Explorer 4.0
Two years ago i changed the clutch but recently its been leaking down by the slave so....

I just got done putting new flywheel, clutch kit, slave cylinder, and master cylinder. All put back together and i have no clutch peddal. Did i mess it all up by not bench bleeding the master? How do i bench bleed it now? Do i need to do something special to the slave? 1996 Explorer 4.0

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the slave cylinder should have a bleeder screw, open it then fill the reservoir all the way up and let gravity bleed it for a bit, then close the bleeder screw on the slave cylinder and have someone pump the pedal 10 times and hold it down and quickly crack the bleeder screw on the slave cylinder, do that a couple times and you should be good to go.

If you can loosen the slave cylinder from vehicle and tip it sideways and pump it by hand, you should be able to get most of the air out, I had the same problem, the way the slave sits in the vehicle makes it hard to remove all the air by just bleeding it normally, or if you have access to a reverse bleeder this will also work. good luck

Thank you both for the advice :thumbsup: ill try what you said fexplorer. As far as loosing the slave and turning it that's impossible seeing as its bolted inside the bell housing.

I also just found this in another thread...

Unbolt the clutch master cylinder from the firewall, and tilt it. If you look at the angle it's bolted at, the high end is an air trap. Tilt so it can't catch air, then try gravity bleeding with it still tilted.

Is that what you meant 95sportred?

Yes that's it, sorry for confusion

No problem, thank you for your help. :thumbsup:

Bummer. Gravity, tilting the reservoir , and mighty vac have failed me.:( Getting ready to try a syringe if that doesn't work it goes the the shop in the morning and ill have to spend the 55 dollars to get the darn thing bled correctly.