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bench to bucket


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March 8, 2003
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Scottsdale, AZ
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1993 XLT 4DR 2WD
my friend and i just converted his '93 splash ranger's bench seat into 2 seperate bucket seat. what i was wondering is if you guys/gals had any sugg. on what to put in the empty middle now?

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My Grandpa did the same thing to his Ranger. Now he put his oxygen tank there. :D

What about a center console? Is his a single or ext cab?

single. what's a good place for a nice inexpensive console?

any other ideas?

Explorer consoles work nice:D

I built a sub box to fit there.

funny thing you should say that, my friend and i were just talking about that.

Center console

Ranger and Explorers are a dime a dozen so you should keep an eye out for factory center console from Ranger/Explorers. The 95 and up exploer center consoles look awesone in rangers. A little trimmimg hear and there it it looks damb near factory. What year Ranger is it?


P.S. Click on WWW for my Ranger

it's a '93 single cab