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Best AAL for max lift...


March 8, 2008
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Sullivan NY
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'01 sport
So Im now rideing 1.5-2" higher in the rear thanks to Sanderson shackles. No TT was need as to the sag on my 01' X sport. She is now level and sitting on 285/75 on stock 16r. Want to go with 2-3" BL but think it best to get the most out of my suspension before hand. So what AAL system will give me the most lift. There are so many options... Helpers, real aal, variable rate and so on.

A Little help...

Come on guys. I know that there are like billion threads out there but nothing Ive seen compares the diffrent types of AAL's. Whats every one useing?

I know this is very outdated by an AAL for a f-150 will lift you a lil more, but at the price or a harsher ride.......

I added pro comp AAL and didnt notice much of a diiference, only like 40$ shipped, now I am looking into F150 leaf spring swap.