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Best Aftermarket Catalytic Converter


June 5, 2016
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Granby, CT
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06 Ford Explorer V8 E.B.
I know there have been threads on this before but I was wondering in terms of longevity, what is the best aftermarket catalytic converter? I noticed that Magnaflow have both a “high metal” and an “OEM” grade catalytic convertor but both have the standard 25,000 mile internal / 50,000 mile external warranty. Does it really make a difference or do all of the aftermarket cats fail after a short amount of time due to less precious metal packing? I also don’t have the $1400 to buy a brand new ford OEM one. Thank you in advance.

I bought a Walker direct replacment on amazon a couple years ago. Think it was around 300 bucks. For that price you cant go wrong.

Still going strong? My worry with buying a cheaper one is I'm going to be under the vehicle every 2 years to replace it, and I expect to keep this vehicle for 10 years or so.

3 years without issue so far. Just swapped out the front 02 sensors for ***** and giggles last week. They had 220000k kms so I figured they were due.