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May 24, 2000
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I went to Kickers site, then to JL, then to Alpine, then to Memphis Audio, which ones are better? I know everyone has personal preferences, but which are the leaders as far as speakers, components, amps, and subs? Which is the best bang for the buck? I was thinking about Kicker components and speakers, but I didnt really find any kind I was looking for, their website is laid out weird. But then I was thinking Infinity for speakers and components and they are easy to get. I was thinking to try the Stealbox, then Infinity speakers. I odnt know, this gives me a freakin headache.

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well, its hard to say since there isn't really a "best" at everything.. I've heard a lot of good things about memphis audio's amps, I have a set of JLs but I wouldn't recommend it if you want high SQ.

So, to summarize it, infinity components, idq subs, memphis amp? I want to do the first 2, but I have an mtx amp and its served me right so far..

Well, are the JL's worth the money you paid for them? Because theres so many different sub types out there. I'm pretty fixed on Infinity for components and speakers, but thats likely to change. Because I'm willing to spend the money for quality, whenever I get some, that is ;) So when it all comes down to subs, its all really between Memphis, JL, Kicker, Alpine and Eclipse. I'm gonna try the Stealbox first, and if I'm not satisfied with that I'll look into something more.

IDQ! IMHO, better than JLs for SQ and competitively priced too! You can abuse them pretty hard and they'll take it with little problem. JLs are pretty good though too, just IDQs are seem to really get the nuances of difficult music on the low end really well. If you can find a place to listen to them listen to them with songs that have a lot of different bass notes at various volumes, like classical.

If you're really into the super SQ, then I'd say to dump the Kickers, unless you're looking for a lot of thump from a little box, in which case, they might be a good choice for a Stealthform. I'm assuming they're solos, cause if they're Comps, they take a big box. Look at Quadcam's old post on his Vantage and JL box deals, because you'll need to find the box depths for stealthforms. I don't remember if the IDQs take up a lot of depth, but in which case, if you get a stealthform, it's max depth may help make the decision for you. You can easily contact Crutchfield about the Q-Logic to find its depth, and mtxaudio for their depth on those application boxes.

Just keep in mind that the IDQs are the Image Dynamics higher series, so you're comparing them to the higher end JL, which don't fit in the stealthform either. I think in Quadcam's thread they commented about that.

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KICKER amps and JL audio subs, best bang for the buck and great quality too!

yea, I agree with Jtang, IDQs would be a good choice, what is that part about "IDQs are seem to really get the nuances of difficult music on the low end really well. " are you saying they can handle the low end of music really well? I haven't heard very many examples of them unfortunatley and my JLS tend to just rumble on rock, I have to turn it down for it to come together.

personally, I didn't think the stealth box would be loud enogh :p but I'm sure if you get the right kind in there.

If you look into eclipse, be careful with that, some call their HU's "eskips" because they love to skip, I have that problem sometimes, it drives me absolutley insane, but when its cooperative, I love it, plus its pretty low profile and with alittle help can sit flush in the dash and not bring a lot of attention to itself.

I know Alpine is a bit high in the price, but they've never let me down...I've got a few stories....But I'm a die hard alpine fan here!

What about speakers? Kicker, JL, Memphis, Alpine, Eclipse, Kenwood, RF, Infinity, Pioneer? I want it to play loud but sound good and clear too. I'm kinda leaning more towards Kicker, Memphis, Alpine, Eclipse, and Infinity. Kenwood is a maybe. Although I havent had any experience with Kicker, JL, Alpine, Eclipse, or K-wood, I'm just going by reviews and what people who have them say. I have hear Memphis speakers, that they sound good, you can hear them loud and clear from a good distance while the subs are blastin. This is so confusing for a audio moron like me :D

Speakers and more

"What about speakers? Kicker, JL, Memphis, Alpine, Eclipse, Kenwood, RF, Infinity, Pioneer? .... I'm just going by reviews and what people who have them say. "

I've got the Stealthbox from JL and am really happy because it doesn't take up my trunk. Good amount of bass, but no one can hear me three blocks away, and that's fine with me. Components are the way to go as long as you get a good, clean amp for the mids and highs. One more hint, get more amp power than you need. You'll get less distortion from an amp that puts out 65 watts at .05% THD than if you get an amp that puts out 40 watts at .05% THD at the same volume levels because distortion shows up when you are running your amp closer to its maximum power. And at the same volume levels, the 40 watts amp is working closer to its maximum than the 66 watt amp.

Another hint, you can pay a lot for good speakers which will sound good from the factroy settings, or you can find a store you trust, and they can sell you more inexpensive speakers and place them in settings where you won't hear any difference between the less expensive speakers and the more expensive ones. (ie MB Quart Q [$600] series in the factory settings vs. eclipse separates in kick panels [$250]sound almost exactly the same to me) And don't put anything (or just coaxials) in the back.

I've heard all kinds of bad reviews on the Kicker SoloBarics, so my advice would be to stay away from them.

My $.02.

Karl Burns

"Eskips," that's a good one.

Well, I forgot to say....I've got Eclipse subs...they rock! And I think their components would be excellent too! As well as I got a Kenwood eXcelon head unit, and I'm lovin every bit of it! Solos suck...My friend had em, and we ran em off a multitude of different amps, and they suck....Never in my life will I get a Solo....Eclipse Aluminium cones are the way to go....
That is all


Yeah, sorry about the awkward description. To me, they just seem to play really nicely, and reproduce music a little more naturally. It blends in really well with the rest of the music. Of course, it's hard to compare subs when they're in totally different boxes, since the IDQs at Autophile config ask for 1.5 cubic feet. Just my opinion though. I guess they should pretty much just be compared to the W6s for all intents and purposes.


thanks for the clarification :p I have been looking at a set of idqs and maybe an mtx500D later on in replacement for my JLs, and everything I've heard is good, I thought originally you were saying something negative about them, but, heh, thanks

Dark--I'll back MTX that they're good amps and I've seen some of the D amps in some trucks, and they pound, alot!