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Best fit tires for ky Explorer

so i have a 2020 Ford Explorer stock wheels are 255/65r18.. i want to fill in that wheel circumference hope im stating that correctly ... looking for a beefier tire basically to make vehicle look flush..... Lemme explain.... whats the biggest tire that I can use to fill in that gap no lowering or lift
. Want to use same stock 18 inch wheels it comes with i think it's bolt pattern 114.3mm width of 7.5 offset is 37.5mm and get a tire like pirelli scorpion all terrain plus bf goodrich ko2, nitto grappler g2, any cooper all terrain at3 .. basically looking for that allterrain side wall look.. thanx in advance!!!

Ie. 265/65
285/60. Would these work and is it only LT version of a tire for certain brand tires only...


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I've always been partial to Michelin's and have used them off-road many times. Currently I have a set of Defender LTX M/S on my X and they've lasted me 80,000 miles before I had to replace them.