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best front locker/ls?

if it's valved good, with hydro bumps, 12" will work really well.

after you get that setup, you should make a prerunner trip. (ocotillo, glmis, maybe another pismo run, barstow etc..) i'd be in for that :thumbsup:

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ok picked up the navajo, it some like a "track lock" limited slip. i don't know what that is but the diff guy went on and on and on about it and how it works and how tru tracs work and about how auberns work. he seems to swear by whatever he put in, i think its made by us gear? we'll have to see how well it does.

oh yeah, as for the locker, all the pins were broken. all four (i think) broke in half.

hey, any one else tried this? 4x4junkie you still running your axles like this?

carlover, three link that bad boy! $3500 from mcneil :D

oh yeah, as for the locker, all the pins were broken. all four (i think) broke in half.
Wow are you serious? I'm pushing the Aussie in the front and I have yet to break the pins -- I've broken axle shafts and U-bolts but the pins are still good.

But come to think of it, in order to sheer the pins, you also need to maybe sheer the center main carrier pin (or at least deform it) -- because the main carrier pin is what keeps the two halves from spinning against each other:

Who installed the Aussie? Was the gap between the two halves within spec?


I still gotta setup the rear before i do anything to wild. Deavers, with a small cage through the floor and some 14 or 16" shocks.
Dont worry about the shock lengths yet, you need to see how much travel the leaves allow, and from that, you can calculate what shock length you need, and how they will be placed (including the geometry/angle).

...thats odd that they were fine when he first checked it out a few days ago...:scratch:

they looked fine a few days ago,cause they were still sitting in right spot up against each half, but when he took it all the way apart the two pieces came apart. did that make any sense? haha

there was a some play on hte shaft, he said they don't make them perfect so there's a little play in them that starts to wear. im pretty sure the guy had everything in specs, he does them day in and day out. and if you talk to hiim he'll tell you everything about the aussie locker. he knows his stuff. but then again he says he has alot of people breaking thier aussies and lock rights :scratch:

4x4junkie, i think i might try that out. but i hopefully wont break as much with a l/s. hey does anyone know what im l/s im talking about? im not sure the name, its either "truck lock" or "track lock" (or some other spelling sounding the same)

.. but then again he says he has alot of people breaking thier aussies and lock rights :scratch:
Maybe the D35 (ring gear diam: 7.6) doesnt allow for much space in its carrier when compared to the D44 (ring gear diam: 8.5) -- resulting in a smaller lunchbox locker.

But glad you got your stuff straightened out -- can't wait to hear how you do at the next T-haven.

It is trac-lock. That's the LS found in the rear of some explorers from the factory.

Could it be a True Trac (made by detroit)? Its a LS that doesn't use clutches (meaning no friction modifier).

i think mounty got it right

its not made by detroit and its designed different then a tru trac

Actually it is produced by detroit...which is produced by eaton. .... Isn't it?


im pretty sure what i have is made by us gear