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Best Intake Manifold Gasket - 2001 ST SOHC, Job 1


January 14, 2014
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Madison, WI
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2001 Explorer Sport Trac
I have a 2001 Sport Trac Job 1 (June 2000) with SOHC 4.0. I have 0171, 0174, 0301, and 0302 codes. I had a smoke test done and confirmed there is a leak in the upper intake manifold gasket.

What is the best replacement gasket? I see gaskets from Fel-Pro (MS90890), Magnum (MS18037), and Victor Reinz (MS16375). Which of these is the best and are there other brands that may be better?

Should I plan to replace the lower intake manifold gasket or is that a waste of time if no leak has been found there?

Are there any other gaskets/o-rings that should be replaced concurrently with this job?

How can I tell if the intake manifold is warped? Is warping easy to see if the manifold is sitting on a flat surface? Is warping a rare problem I shouldn't worry about?

Back in my engine building days, ( small block Ford V 8's) I swore by Fel Pro. Can't imagine things have changed any.

Pretty sure the Job One engine ("E" engine code in VIN) has a one piece manifold. Wasn't there a production change mid-year, maybe July 2000?

Gasket set consists of 6 O-rings. Ford Part # 1L2Z9461CA