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Best muffler?


January 3, 2008
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SW Michigan
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ive got a 98 AWD 5.0 XLT and im looking to change out the stock muffler for a meaner one.
I looked at the reviews for a few different brands and cant tell which is better for the 5.0
i want a muffler that will give a good deep sound and not real loud (used to have a straight pipe exhaust on a chevy that made me go deaf).

so im asking which muffler or brand is better for my tastes?

any response will be helpful

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I'm a fan of the Cherry Bomb Pro series muffler. I have this on a 4.0, but it does sound good. They have a longer version, the Elite, that should give you the sound you want, but also keep it quiet in the cab. The only downfall you might have is finding it in a dual inlet version. But you could always have a a Y-pipe fabbed up.


I would look into the Flowmaster line.

Good luck ....

I have an Imco, I like it a lot, not to loud, not to quiet.

mitch i say go with flowmasters

I got dual 40 series flowmasters on my 01 sport and its the 4.0 sohc engine it sounds real loud and deep.

I bought a system off of ebay by a company called Jardine and I love the way it sounds.

thanks for all your input

i will probably end up getting a flowmaster 40 or 50. whichever the store has in stock.

im glad i saved my tips from the truck i rolled

i strongly recommend the flowmaster 50suv. im assuming you have the dual inlet on your ex...which in that case the 50 suv is one of the few mufflers that are made dual inlet/single outlet. (they also come dual outlet) i have one of these on my 98 5.0 xlt and i love. better mpg, throttle response, and sounds real mean. but it is not overpowering by any means. still rides nice on the inside. try 21st century exhaust, they are by far the cheapest i could find at only $90 for the muffler (compared to the $162 flowmaster wants). they are located in boynton beach, FL 1-800-276-6399

i didn't like the way mine sounded either so i wanted to get a muffler with a nice sound.

i didn't want anything real expensive, just something louder with a nice sound, i put on a cherrybomb turbo muffler.....and it got a little louder but nothing like i wanted.

so i put on a summitracing glasspack, and it sounds very nice, its not overly loud, just loud enough and sounds good.