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Best Place to buy a New (Rebuilt) M5R1?


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February 2, 2000
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My M5R1 broke on the interstate this morning while I was on my way to the trail. I have no gears at all, something on the input shaft must have broken. I dont have time to do a rebuild and it is probably going to be only a little more expensive to just get a new/rebuilt one since I would need all the seals, bearings and syncros plus whatever shafts and gears I broke. It has 200k on the original transmission. Now I am looking for a new/rebuilt M5R1 trans. Who has the best price on a rebuilt unit? Any recomendations or good experiences with any particular transmission suppliers?

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Finally got it out and pulled the top off. 1 gear completly gone and the other in bad shape so a new cluster and input would be needed. Still think I am just going to get a rebuilt unit and not have to hassle with a rebuild of this one.


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Got my new transmission in a few days ago. It took me just under 6 hours to get everything reinstalled working on my back under the Explorer in my driveway.

I called around all my local tranny shops and the prices ranged from $500 just to put in a new input and cluster only all the way up to $1400 for a rebuild of mine and these prices were all carry out since I removed it myself.

This is who I went with and I would recommend them. The sales guy was really nice and it shipped quickly. Best price I found as well. It was $700 after all was said and done including returning my core.

....That's great news and great to hear the feedback was positive...:biggthump

...Truckhaven this year??