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Best Place To Buy Shocks


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May 18, 2003
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Highlands Ranch, Colorado
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91 Eddie Bauer
I was looking at purchasing some offroad shocks somethin like Rancho, so if anyone knows of some good shocks to buy, and where to get them installed as well can ya give me your opinions.

Thanks Derek

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Installed? Your garage or driveway :)

let me recomend the preformance kit from Explorer Express.
Good deal, great service and quality product.
Not a paid endorcement, just a happy customer.

I bought Gabriel VST's at Pep Boys for $20 each and love them. If you're looking for a bigger name go to one of 4Wheel Parts in town, after you do a search to see what others say. They do installs, but I installed mine and changed the plugs last week in about 3.5 hours.


Check the Sears in your area. they were running a deal down here for free installation on rancho shocks. and you get a certificate for a free allignment after you mail this it in.