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Best small lift, shocks, leaf springs


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April 30, 2001
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04 EB V8
I have a 94 sport 4X4. I would like to install a small suspension lift of like 2" or less. Which brands should work best. I also need to replace all 4 shocks. Which brands would be best, also my leaf springs are rusted, & I would like to replace them. Are there any replacements that I could get that would give me the small lift I want, & then I can just get bigger front springs. ALso since I'm doing all this, I would like to replace all the bushings. What should I use for this too.

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Hi Jason and welcome..I have the skyjacker 2" on my 91'..Easy install..Have the Rancho 5000's, love them...Energy suspensions master kit w/poly bushings, and love them also..You can check out the rig by clicking on the sig. below..or check it out in person at the next Fl. Ex. Meet June 16/17..If you would like more info on either...drop me a line..Enjoy

Man Mike you are ALL OVER the florida boys....Every post your on em to make it to the meet in june!

Jeremy, I don't know about you, but I enjoyed our last run, and this coming event is going to be a blast...Share the wealth my friend...

It was a blast - but it will be more fun this time. We'll get to see a few people get stuck!

My opinion on the lift is the same as Mike's - I have a 3" body lift - room for bigger tires, but no difference in ride or suspension travel. The 2" lift should work well for you. Rancho, Skyjacker adn James Duff all make them I believe.