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Best tire for gas mileage

What do you think is the best tire on the market for gas mileage? Why?

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I was wondering when you were going to look into this...

205/85r15. :)

I am concerned with a tire that I can actually use on my truck. I carry up to 12 SCUBA tanks and 4 people as well as tow a trailer on occasion.

I am looking for the best real world application.

A good friend of mine has a '99 Mounty with a set on it. The diff in ride quality and MPG is significant when compared to mine. Differences between the two vehicles: I have AT tires and 15'' rims where he has 16'' rims. I get 14-15 mpg, he gets 18-20.

If I did less offroading those would be the tires on my explorer. I haul construction equipment everyday, so no matter my tire choice, they would have to be a true truck/suv tire (which these most certainly are.)

look into the dunlop range rovers...i had them on my ranger 31x10.50x15's and i could not complain about them a bit...good tire on and off, as i am in construction too...real quiet, gas saving, and they seem to last forever...

One more thing.
They may cost a pretty penny but they do last a long, long time.
My friend is going for 100k on one set, he is over 60k and still a lot of meat left.
He does have an advantage that most of us do not. He is a VP of a auto shop equip company, mainly tire changers, balancers, lifts, alignment machines and lathes. He aligns, balances and rotates his tires every month (kinda of a nut about it).

I wonder if a tire with more of a "highway" tread would be better for MPG...

Kumho Road Venture HT


IMO this is the combo: As less large lugs as possible (less rolling resistance; stay away from the "off-road" tire) with as many sippings as possible (to dissipate heat) and as thin as possible. Michelin often comes up on top when it comes to proper tread pattern for less rolling resistance.

Michelin LTX® M/S

Michelin Cross Terrain

Another tire I would look at is the Yokohama AVID

I would look into the total weight of all 5 tires including rims. It has to do with that gas guzzling thing called Kinetic energy. A heavier X and all other things being equal will take more energy in this case, the consumption of gas to launch. The heavier X just wants to stay put.
So with that said, IMO a slightly less gas saving tire with some really light alloy rims may just do a tad bit better then a more fuel efficient tire with heavy rims. Sounds good anyway.

I use the Michelin LTX M/S myself since it seems to be the best compromise of a very low rolling resistance highway design but is still tough enough and gives great traction for offroad and severe weather. It also resists punctures extremely well and rides like a luxury car tire. Though it is the best tire I found for these purposes, I'm not so sure it's the BEST tire for mileage alone, since they do weigh a bit more than most other tires, and Michelin seems to make them in a slightly smaller diameter/circumference for the given size, but I do think it's the best compromise in a Truck/SUV tire for mileage, ride quality, and load carrying ability. The P-rated LTX M/S are much lighter than the LT-rated, but the P-rated are also a slightly smaller diameter.

I'd say right now, the best mileage in a practical tire would come from the new generation of higher mileage tires...something like the Goodyear Fortera TripleTred, which seems to be a lighter, truer-to-size, pavement-specific tread.

EDIT: I've done some additional checking on this, and it appears for the 255/70R16 size, the Michelin Cross Terrain SUV has a treadwear rating of 700 and a weight of 36 lbs, with the Goodyear Fortera TripleTred having a treadwear rating of 600 and being 37 lbs. Perhaps the Michelin is better, going by specs. The P-rated LTX M/S gets a treadwear of just 500 though, which is rather surprising since I know for a fact it lasts well beyond the 60-65,000 mile rating of the 600-700 treadwear tires.

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I had the Michelin Cross Terrain SUV on my 96 X and they may have been the best tire I ever owned. Long life, hugged the road, smooth. Great tire. Mileage....well I never really checked.