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Best tire for gas mileage

What do you think is the best tire on the market for gas mileage? Why?

Good data:

Here is a start with a look at rolling resistance on specific tires...

That's an interesting looks like the lightest tire with the least resistance is the Uniroyal Laredo AWT. I would think that weight is very inportant and rolling resistance could/maybe modified with the addition or subtraction of air pressure...but I would think you would want a smooth rolling tire to begin with.

Anyone have experiance with the AWT??

I had the Michelin Cross Terrain SUV on my 2000 and I got 50K and they did not pass inspection after that, maybe I'm rough on my tires???

This is a great thread, appreciate any info as I'm thinking of replacing my tires soon.

I had the Michelin Cross Terrain SUV on my 96 X and they may have been the best tire I ever owned. Long life, hugged the road, smooth. Great tire. Mileage....well I never really checked.

O.k. a quick question, what information do you guys use when you use a site like Tire Rack, I mean you can't use 2000 Ford Explorer, it just about shuts down your computer if you enter that. It's like having the pleage.


Use the size of tire that is on you truck currently. Like P235-75-R15, not exactly that # but the one like it on your truck.