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Best Way To Optimize Image Attachments


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July 30, 2009
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1998 XLT 4WD 4.0L SOHC
The forum code seems to be working against me. I optimize images for fast load, small file size, then the code resizes them smaller but with a larger file size and lower resultant optical quality.

For example, the following post:

Unfortunately I deleted the original upload already, but from vague recollection it was about 50% higher resolution but about half the file size of this now resized 725x1200 result. I was trying to save some bandwidth (for the site and for topic readers) and don't see the point of what's happening to already optimized images.

I can see the argument for being an Elite Explorer, but (does that even solve this or still alter images) in this case, I already have the high quality version of the images before being optimized for low bandwidth, then "optimized" further by the site code for lower quality with high bandwidth, and it doesn't solve the issue of a universal solution. Monitors became higher DPI and I'm left wondering if an image host solves it, but then there was photobucket breaking things so no, not necessarily.

It just seems like something went wrong, that the site code should not resize images smaller IF the result is a larger file size than the original upload was! I mean the thing is, it's going to depend on the type of image, often it takes a human eye to determine what kind of file size optimizations lose too much for another human eye to perceive, and based on the display device. In this case it was black text on a white background, so bits easily saved going with an 8 bit pallet instead of resized smaller but to a 24 bit.

Maybe I should state it another way. Should I just not bother trying to achieve high quality to bit ratio? I mean a lot of things I post are black on white (like wiring diagrams), essentially needing no more than 8 bit, so I run into this issue a bit, how much to bother trying to save the site bandwidth.


I guess I'm asking for a site code change which is something like "if the resized image isn't a smaller file size than the original upload, then don't". That seems like a win/win for the site?

Heh, nevermind me, I'm just rambling.