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Best way to wire in a jack for iphone/mp3 player??


May 24, 2012
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Jackson NJ
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2000 Explorer Sport
I am looking to upgrade my daughters 99 sport with an iphone/mp3 jack so she can play her music. I have seen people on ebay selling stock radio that has been fitted with a built in jack....but was looking for other ways...maybe even mounting the jack within the center console to make it easier.
Thanks for any replies!!!

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If you have a cd changer you can diy I'm on my cell so I can't link you to the thread

No cd changer :/ I guess my options are...... 1, diy 2, $145 for ebay radio 3, aftermarket.........I am looking for cheapest solution.

No cd changer :/ I guess my options are...... 1, diy 2, $145 for ebay radio 3, aftermarket.........I am looking for cheapest solution.

You may not have an actual CD changer, but do you not have a CD changer port on the back? What kind of radio is it? Cassette, single CD, dual CD and Cassette? Can you get a picture of it?

I dont have a pic and have not removed it yet to check.... but it is a single cd + cassette

dont have pic....looked on ebay and found pic of a radio that looks like mine.... here is the part number that they listed F87-F-18C868-CE

Cool, thanks....will check it out soon!!

Hi,superglide here,Hi to all. Have 99 ford ranger ,single cd,trying to put input in radio for ipod. I here alot of people say don't go fm way. WHAT TO DO

Aux Input

Hello fellow Explorer and Ranger owners! I have a 2000 Explorer and recently aquired a cherry 1996 Ranger as a Christmas gift for my stepson. Anyway I have wanted to hardwire an aux input into my radio and the one in the Ranger. Unless someone some where has found a better way than using the cassette or cd channels and a blank cassette or cd, I may have found a way. I (Untill very recently) owned a 1988 Trans Am GTA with the steering wheel controlled radio. With the schematics I was able to add an aux input to it and a few other Delco radios.

Back to the problem at hand, There is a way to break the AM/FM signal before the amplifier and input an Ipod or MP3 player.

This is the radio from my Explorer. Notice there is no cd player attached. At the back of the case is the AM/FM radio section. It outputs the right and left channels from it. All you have to do is with a very small screwdriver break the connection from the radio section to the main board. Then solder an aux jack from Radio Shack and connect it to the solder joints before the break points.


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Aux Input

If you have the cassette only radio, it is easier. I have removed the cassette player. All connections will be made on the bottom of the radio. Same breaking of 2 connections and rerouting them through the aux jack.


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Aux Input Jack

I found another type of Ford CD radio in my collection.
If you have the same radio as pic #1, The procedure is still the same, only a different radio section and main board.

Pic #2 shows the radio section in the back ground and 6 connection points to the left of the antenna connector. You will want pins #1 & 2
(from left to right) Break the hairline circuits just before the resistors.-
Solder the radio outputs to your aux jack terminals 3 and 4 (Radio Shack part # 274-0246) Solder your aux jack from terminals 2 and 5 to the resistors closest to the radio section. Pick up a good ground (terminal 1) anywhere you find convenient.


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