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Better clamps for Sport hoses


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January 24, 2011
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2015 Explorer Sport 4x4
Has anyone tried out different clamps (other than the OEM worm style) that retain the various hoses to the intercoolers? I'm running a Livernois tune with higher boost and it seems like the clamps lose clamp load over time allowing the hoses to move from the location where I originally torqued them down to. It's most likely not a big deal since the hoses remain connected to the part they should be....I just want them to stay where I lock them down in the first place.

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Norma Torro hose clamps

I'm not familiar with the stock clamps on your vehicle but I use Norma Torro hose clamps made in Germany.

They are quality clamps that are suitable for silicone hoses. They don't cut into the soft hose when tightened like most hose clamps.

Get T-bolt style clamps as posed in in the e-bay link. Those are the only ones to use in a forded inducted vehicle. The original ones and anything that uses worm-gear is junk a specially in high boost applications. T-bolt clamps is all I use on my Talon that runs 25+ PSI of boost on pump gas and 30PSI+ boost on race gas. No issues at all. With worm-gear clamps hoses popped off all the time.

T bolt clamps

I agree that T bolt clamps are best for large diameter, high pressure intake hoses. Their disadvantages are cost and a limited adjustment range.

I use them on my silicone hoses because they don't damage it and they hold very well.

Thanks for all the info!! I'm feeling very lazy is Sunday after all and the Lions are playing (don't get me started). Does anyone know what size the clamps are on the turbo hoses? I think I'll order the new clamps from 'Siliconeintakes'.....