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Beware! Ebay lifters.


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January 26, 2015
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Tri-Cities, WA
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1991 Ford Explorer XLT
Hi everyone! Just wanted to get on here and make a testimonial on behalf of some eBay lifters. I'm not going to say any names nor the company. However, I will tell you through several emails between I and the seller, I was able to verify that the lifters being sold were indeed, new. So I bit the bullet and spent just shy of $120.00 on a set of 12.

The lifters came in and they looked absolutely great! Pre-packaged individually and already filled with oil, or a solution of some sort. I compared them to my old lifters (old lifters were fine), and I could definitely tell these were not re-manufactured, so all seemed well. I got my engine back together ('91 XLT Explorer, 4.0) and fired ole Susan up. Yes, that's right, her name is Susan. Tick tick tick, and before you knew it, I had one hell of a great sounding engine. I continued my first start-up procedure and eventually went for a test drive. The feeling of success is grand.

The next day I pulled into a gas station, and noticed a strange sound. Sort of like marbles, or worn ball bearings. No ticking or knocking, just a "rolly" effect. You could definitely hear it in the lower-end as well, and lightly up top. I figured "shit," that's what I get for eBay lifters. So I kept driving the truck, I mean, nothing seemed harmful really. Until Sunday after work, I had a lifter completely fail. TIC TIC TAP TAP TAP away she went as I pulled into the garage.

Upon further inspection (after pulling the heads, again) I found the dead lifter. The inside literally exploded into many pieces. Not just the spring, but part of the lower plunger. I inspected all the other lifters as well, and to my surprise I found bits of metal in two more. Well, good thing it was garbage day, and away they went.

So I rebuilt my old lifters (shout out to this site for that), and my engine is back together. Unfortunately I had a tap upon start up that never went away, but luckily I narrowed it down to a very worn rocker, so I'll be replacing that later this evening! Other than that, all lifters are pumped up :thumbsup:

Word of advice, don't buy the eBay lifters, for the love....just don't do it. I figured with how cheap manufacturing technology has become, that surely some "cheaper" lifters should be great quality. I was wrong.