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BFG all terrain t/a - tire pressure

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When I had 'em, I ran about 32psi on mine...after 50k miles they still had good tread and even wear...they're now on one of my friends Explorers.

have you tried the chalk test yet?

one of the best ways to find the right psi

I always ran 30 in mine. The wore thin in the center though. Possibly because the Sport was lighter?

Good to see ya back tbomb, where ya been? ;)

actualy I just did that today.
I installed a spindle lift and ball joints and tie rod ends just today...
been having a really really rough ride. so i checked the pressure and wow. had it up to 50 which is the max psi..
so i lowered it all the way down to 35 still really rough though..

My 31's are set at 35 cold all around. When they are warmed up they are at 38.

thanks for all the input guys. i've always had street/performance tires on my trucks until this past weekend. the guy was trying to tell me that these bfg's are not at all like the tires i used to have on there (pirelli scorpion zeroes), and that the bfg's should be at approximately 50 psi, which i thought was a little on the high side, hence me asking for your opinions. the ride was a little rough for the last 2 days, so i was gonna drop them down to about 40 psi, but now i think i'm gonna go with 35.

IAmTodd, you have a PM.

Ford_Racing_Guy said:
have you tried the chalk test yet?

one of the best ways to find the right psi

Explain please.

believe this is what is meant by that..

Place a chalk line across the tread face, drive a short distance straight ahead on a smooth surface and then observe the chalk line. You are looking for it to be evenly worn off the tread.

YUP thats how the chalk test goes :thumbsup:

Tommy Powell

thought so lol