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BFG AT KO road noise

hey, this lil problem seemed to manifest itself when i got the bfg's about 9 months ago but before i got them i had no noise coming from my car at all, and afterwards lets say if im slowing down or if im going about 20-25mph these things roar like m/ts....i never really thought anything of it until i rode in a few more rigs w/ them and they are so much quieter than is it the tires or possibly bearings???? thanx

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It's probably the tires. My BFG's whine at low speeds, and get quieter at highways speed. Mine seem to be loudest between 10-20 MPH.

If it were the bearings, they would make noise at all speeds, not just when you slow down. My BFG's did the same thing whent they wore down too. I think it is just the wear on them making them somewhat egg shaped.

Yup, mine make a bit of noise between 10 and 20 mph also. Not a big deal, it doesn't bother me at all.

have you rotated your tires lately? cuz after a long period of time, the front end will cup the edges of your tires making them uneven.

the noise really doesnt bother me i actually kinda like it, makes me think i have some m/ts or somethin on it heh...

moto funny you should say something about rotating the i was checking the pressure as usual and something just made me crawl under and look at the tread and no joke im sure my eyes got the size of silver dollars and my jaw dropped to the ground, the inside of the tread is worn down sooooo much, i was told that the place i purchased my tires from aligned the front end at the same time so i was like WHAAATTT is goin throughly pissed off right now so i think i'll just break down and buy 2 more if its really bad, it was kinda dark when i looked today, tomorrow im gonna rotate the tires so i'll get a good look...what should i do about this?????

Rotate your tires as long as you still have tread, which i'm sure you do since the tires were only boughten 9 months ago. Put the front right on the left rear and the left front on the right rear, then put your rear tires straight up from the front.

how long should the bfg last? i have 15k on mine... i have the hum too... i like it.....

I'm guessing you should get 50,000mi. out of 'em. The rotation of tires is usually recommended after every 8,000mi. to maintain even treadwear.