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BFG AT KO vs. GoodYear MT/R

I know everyone seems to LOVE the BFG AT KO tires. I have used BFG AT and MT for a long time on my old Bronco.

I am considering, as I build up my 97 Sport buying the new GoodYear MT/R tires ...


thanks for any info and ride safe.


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I honestly think I will go with these tires the next time around. I have BFG Muds right now and those look like to me to be very good radial tires. Goodyear did lots of extreme testing with these at all the Rock Crawling things they put on this last year and most of the people I have talked to about them say they are a good radial type tire. Most of them were biased towards Swampers though so hearing those types of comments was pretty unexpected.

I don't think they can be compare together, one is an All-Terrain tire the other is a Mud-Terrain tire.

Fourwheeler magazine did a test on the MT tires and said the new Good Year MT was pretty good on rocks. I remember they said the Bridgestone MT was decent also.

Regarding the BFG AT KO or Good Year MT, it all depends on your driving style and needs.

Holly price batman

to was looking at the new Goodyear MT. That was until I saw the price. The Goodyear tire deal by me wanted 202.00 for a 36 inch tire. That did not include mounting, balancing, road hazard or labor. Forget that buy a Super Swamper. That is what I have now on my other truck and I love it. Plus the side wall tread has saved me more times than I can count. Yes the Goodyear looks to be a very comparable tire but for that amount of dough you might as well buy Mickey Thompson Baja Claws.

I realy like the MT/R they have been great around town and real fun off road I have about 7000 mil. on them and they have not started to cup yet,

I think the good years look like a pretty sweet tire, but I got a Bogger cheaper....I'd buy it if it were cheaper....That's just me and stuff.....Pete


Ditto Wade,
How about a pic of your truck with the MT/Rs!
Are they 15", or 16"? What did they cost? (I know-"If you have to ask, you probably can't afford it")

I looked at the Goodyears, had it not been for the price( about $50 more each) I would probably have them on now. I don't regret it though. I love the way the KO's handle, look and ride.

Hi Everyone and ExploreGM-Rick you can check out my Truck on my web site they cost me 130 each they are 31-10.50-15



Those tires look great! How's the noise on the road/highway? I took off my MickeyThompsons because of the wear and noise on long trips. Sounds like the MT/Rs wear well?


Nice looking truck!! I saw on your picture that you took the front airdam underneath the bumper off, something I wanted to do for a long time. Did you do something to protect the radiator that is sticking now out? Thinking off all the stuff that's laying on the interstates and that you can't always avoid or gets thrown at you by the car in front, I'm a little bit nerveous about the readiator being completely unprotected.

Thanks donkey boy I removed the airdam to show off my front skid plate they have them on new Rangers and it gives me a little more ground clearance up front they cost about $120.
at Ford and it dose protect the radiator, to make them work you just neeed a few self tapping screws.