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bfgoodrich comp t/a hr4-2


March 25, 2002
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Gaithersburg, MD
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97 EB
anyone have an opinion on bfgoodrich comp t/a's, im looking to put them on cobra 17's

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they are alright, not great, but alright. i used to have them 255/60/17 way back in the day.

prefer the styling of the pirelli's but they drive like crap. get these if you want it to drive comfortable on the highway.

yeah i really like the looks of the pirelli too but the compound is a bit soft for me

that is also true, too bad they don't make my nitto's in that size.

i think there are some goodyears though that i wanted to try in 17" but iddn't get a chance.

btw- my brother just obught a set of the 255/60/17 bfg's for his escape. forgot about that. they do look really pedestrian though, like factory tires or something.

I had a set of the HR4's a while back also. They were nice tires, but nothing that really go tme excited or made me have to get another set. I would definitely stay away from the Goodyear Eagle GTII's. They were the worst tires I have ever had.

I haven't run the Pirellis yet - just because they are a little too soft for my liking also. They seem to be great tires, but jsut not for me. The Michellin SUV AllTerrain 255/60's I have on now have been a good tire. Even through all the snow and ice this winter, I didn't ahve any problems getting around with just 2wd (thats all I have). They ride pretty nice also...

That is the same set up I had on my 98 X, Until I rolled It.
Those tires Suck in the winter, It was a little bit ice When I rolled it.
I was getting on the Expressway and as soon as I got on I hit some ice , spin sideways and then hit the retaining wall ,rode up it ,flipped and slide on drivers side for a pretty good distance,Other than that The tires were good.
I really didn't have to many choices for 255/60/17 back when I got my rims and tires,Not to many companys made that size back in 98.