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For Sale Bi-Xenon Retrofit 3rd gen


Morimoto Mini D2S x (Square) 3.0 Bi-Xenon Projectors B stock. Not perfect.
Shrouds B stock too. One has a crack.

Some Photo's of the build.






These are some output shots, UNDERSTAND I'm super close to the wall. So the glare you see if just from being so close to the wall..





I'm selling because I want to change to different projectors so I'll
be building another set of headlights. ( I really just want to do another retro lol

The shrouds on these have a few cracks, but it's cosmetic only
and no one will know unless you tell them. Thats one reason I'm selling so cheap.

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Ever consider making these and selling them for forum members that request it?

I'm sure others wouldn't mind paying for a set made this well, including myself.

I wouldn't mind doing it at all, thought it won't be nearly this cheap.

PM Me if interested.
Im actually building a set for a chevy cobalt owner.

Oh, I know, if I had a third gen I'd be all over these..

Projectors alone are about $150, plus original housings, $200 a piece.. plus labor and bulbs.. Yeah.

I realise this is an old thread however no one actually agreed to purchase. Yes I would like to purchase if either these or another pair of bi-xenon retrofit are available. I've seen so many unique everything for every vehicle around Atlanta and I'd love for my XLS to stand apart as well.

I'm Very interested, if those are a bi-xenon does that mean the factory high beam area is none functional?

Bi-Xenon Means the Low beam and Hi-Beam are all contained inside one projector.

There are a few options you have.

You can wire the oe High beam to come on in addition to the Xenon High Beam.

Or, you can wire the oe High Beam to a relay and use it as an Aux Light, on a switch.

The choice is yours.

Malkuth has expressed purchasing these lights.

If you are interested, I can build you a set if you would like me to.
Or malkuth can let you buy these, and I can build him a set.

If I build a set, they won't be this cheap. but the ones I build I can paint... Add LED Halo's, Or whatever.
I can't paint these because they've been installed and the threads are made to deform once installed to prevent removal.

Currently building a set for a chevy cobalt, black housings, White shrouds, LED Halo's and rebuilding the projectors.

lights might be back up for sale soon if i dont hear from the buyer

Alright I'm bringing these back. They are for sale again due to a buyer who hasn't sent payment.

I originally had to wait a month for replacement bulb but after I got that I sent a couple PMs and we agreed to the retrofit with 5500k Bulbs and I have sent two PMs for payment with nothing.

Never heard from the buyer so lights are for sale!

Still for sale, I had multiple people interested. Where id you guys go?

Did you ever get my PM a month or so ago? I never saw a response, but I haven't received any PMs whatsoever... IDK if my PM works.

email sent. feel free to remove your email from the post...

So... Been awhile. Really sorry guys. Bumping this back up to confirm they are for sale and I'm lowering the price as well.

New Price $150 + Shipping

I'll take them, let me know what shipping will be to 01952.

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Will do, I'm on shift until 7am and I'll check it tomorrow.