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For Sale Bi-Xenon Retrofit 3rd gen


Morimoto Mini D2S x (Square) 3.0 Bi-Xenon Projectors B stock. Not perfect.
Shrouds B stock too. One has a crack.

Some Photo's of the build.






These are some output shots, UNDERSTAND I'm super close to the wall. So the glare you see if just from being so close to the wall..





I'm selling because I want to change to different projectors so I'll
be building another set of headlights. ( I really just want to do another retro lol

The shrouds on these have a few cracks, but it's cosmetic only
and no one will know unless you tell them. Thats one reason I'm selling so cheap.

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I'll take them, let me know what shipping will be to 01952.

Checked Shipping. USPS is $22 and UPS is also $22.83. I will knock off a couple bucks and make it $20 even.

I'll also be giving you 2 additonal HID Bulbs that I had in the old High beam. I have it currently wired to turn the old high beam on
with the new B-Xenon High beam. If you don't want that just seperate it and put the old high beams on an aux. switch like I had planned.

But, the extra bulbs wash out your shipping cost so kinda a win win for ya.

So it's $150 plus $20 for Shipping and handling. $170 total.

I will PM you my PayPal Address.

I will also upload some final photos of packaging.

Look forward to sending these to you.


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Posting this here in case anyone else didn't know the bi-xenon is run off a single ballast per unit.


Fuller said:
FirefighterJose said:
$150 + $20 Shipping. It's actually more, but I'm just knocking the price down for you.

You will get

(2) 3rd Gen Headlight Housings
(2) MD2S 3.0 B Stock Projectors (Not perfection)
(2) D2S HID Bulbs
(2) HID Bulbs for old High beams for free, since they are there.....

All already installed. You will have to source
the Ballasts as detailed in ad.

If you're happy, send the $170 to


Once I get payment, I can send via USPS or UPS which ever is still open or first available since both are same shipping cost and shipping time.

Thank you!

Just so I am clear, is the bi xenon ballast included? I just need ballasts to operate the extra highs? Also could you shoot me a brief description of how to wire my highs to the bi-xenon set up? I will PayPal when I get to work tomorrow. Thank you!

To be clear.

The Bi-Xenon uses only one single ballast per light, because it uses only one single Xenon (HID Bulb) per Bi-Xenon Projector.

What it means by Bi-Xenon is the low and high beam are in one unit.

What creates the High beam is a shield in front of the bulb, when power is given to this shield through your
bright light switch it moves this shield away from the bulb and allowing the bulb to provide light in the high beam area.

Here is a video link on youtube so you can better understand it.

While the projector is a different design, it's mechanically similar.

so, there will be no included ballast because the ballast that runs the main bulb is the same one for both High and low beam of a bi-xenon projector.

They way they are wires right now, you just plug them into you factory light plugs.

However, when you turn your bright on the Bi-Xenon High beam will turn on AND the Extra old High beam.
I did this because I drove country back roads and gave me TONS of light. You can not drive like this with any other cars around. Absolutely not, it's too bright. you will blind them. If you would like, you can simply re wire the high beam. Simple, You take the wires for the High Beam of the Xenon (Two small wires coming from under the projector) and wire them to your High beam factory plug.

You will then, if desired wire the old high beams to a completely seperate Aux. switch where ever you want and they will act as an additional off road light on a separate switch. All this stuff can be found on google.

I hope I'm helping you.




Don't worry, the dark spot isn't from the hid.





All wrapped up waiting for a buyer



Any more questions just let me know.


Look forward to the Paypal, and I'll ship them and list em as sold.


Edit: The extra Old High beam hid also needs a HID ballast as well. I figured I'd just give you the hid bulb for free.
Either use your old Halogen high beam bulbs or get extra ballasts for the old high beams. Not needed though.

How much would you charge to make a set for an 02 mountaineer?

Ah I don't know.
What do you want?

I certainly don't do this as a business but I could help out if I was paid for my time or something.

Your headlights or new ones from ebay?
Which projectors, Ballasts, Bulbs, shrouds, harness etc...?

I just got some new parts in to retrofit my truck.
MH1 7.0, XB5500 H1 bulbs, Shroud Adapters for 3" Shrouds, and a slew of other stuff.

I still haven't heard from the buyer on these. He got them. I don't know anything else....
I assume he's enjoying them sense I haven't gotten an email or anything back...