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Bi-Xenon Retrofit

So I did a Morimoto MH1 6.0 Bi-Xenon Retrofit in my wifes Chevy cobalt and loved it.

I bought some projectors etc to retrofit an older bmw I have but then I
bought this explorer so I decided to retrofit the explorer.


Morimoto Mini D2S 3.0 X (Square) Bi-Xenon (B stock) Projectors
TRS B stock Shrouds
55W Xenon Kit (TRS states the md2s 3.0's can handle the 55w xenon kit.


After an hour, I had the first projector done... I Lost the lock nut for the 2nd projector so I have to wait for trs to send me an order....



A little cut off test. For what they are, it's great. These are not full Price Projectors so their not perfect.


Up close to a wall. The Md2s 3.0's curve downward on the edges, some like it some don't. After driving with it installed I don't mind it.


Test on the vehicle, left stock and right is the retrofit.


Looks good.


So I'll wait for trs to send me another lock hex nut for the other side.

I'll probably just sell these on the forums here and put that towards another
I really liked my wifes mh1 6.0's, but I hear the FXR are suppose to be even better....

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Got them all dialed in and tweeked just right this week.

Here is BEFORE i fixed the rotational adjustment. But it gives an idea of
how perfect the cut off is/


This is up at the wall






Good looking install. I see the price is coming down some on decent HID retro rigs. It looks like I could shop around in closeout sections maybe walk away with less than 200 bucks in a decent retrofit.

Love those lights. This is now on the top of my list for my next mod. Tried putting HID bulbs in the stock reflectors and it was terrible, light was everywhere but on the road where it belongs. Where did you buy the kit from? Any more info you can give me would be appreciated

I might pay up and try to sell these headlights so I can do another retrofit.

I've been considering an HID retrofit for my 99... Those square ones look like they'd look pretty good in 2nd gen housings.

Nice work! Glad to see our products in the explorer market! I work at TRS

Thanks, too bad I can't sell these. Lol
Yet I see tons of owners with hid kits in stock housings.

Thanks, too bad I can't sell these. Lol
Yet I see tons of owners with hid kits in stock housings.

Lol well most people don't understand the benefit of proper control with projectors. I've had a few local ST's ask mean to do theirs but when I tell them the price they go off

I bought another explorer and am still using these.

I am interested in selling still and lowering the price.
So make an offer!

Love my retrofit just wish I could go with bigger projectors in the 2nd Gens.