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Big Bear (CA) Bash, July 21 & 22

Ray Hutchinson

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January 20, 2000
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'93 XLT
Rick, and all the others of you that were asking about the Trip into the San Bernardino National Forest and the Big Bear Mountains area of So. Cal.
Here is the info:

I will be co-leading the trip with Don "Big Red" Carter who works for Harry "Silver Coyote" Lewellyn, and Ecological 4 wheeling Adventures. The dates are above. There is a fee: $85.00.per vehicle .. Normally the fee would be $100.00 for what is considered to now be late signups, but Don said the late charge would be waived for the folks. The trip is limited to 12 vehicles, and there were 3 openings as of today. The fees cover, among other things, the BLM and USFS group use permits and camping fees. Participants will also each have to purchase a $5 "Adventure Pass" from the USFS, as thse passes cannot be purchased for groups, but are by vehicle.

Itinary: Saturday: Enter the Holcomb Valley, the hard way, over the top of Gold Mtn. then run the 1st half of the John Bull Trail, then over 3N93. to Tent Peg Campground. Sunday: Crab Flats and Dishpan Springs. Survivors will ford the Deep Creek Crossing and on to Lake Silverwood via the tough 3N17X trail.

Difficulty: Black Diamond: translation: Lockers reccommended, body damage possible, winching /strapping expected.

If you're interested, and willing to cough up the $85, I can guarantee that it will be a fun and valuable learning experience with "Big Red"