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Big Bertha 1994 Ford Explorer

Hello everyone! Well where to start... My name is Jordan and I'm an exploraholic... Im 28 turning 29 this year and currently employed in the United States Navy. I own a 1994 Ford Explorer 2nd owner. First owner bought her brand new back in 1994 and used her lightly until about 2006 only 101k miles. Then she sat for about 2 years and i picked her up in 2008 and now she has 148k miles. Still runs like shes brand new! Since then I have done some things to Bertha. (Bertha was her original name from 1994 so it only seemed fair to keep her with that name=). Anyways Ive put new tires on her all new shocks a new Power steering Pump An old radio unit i had however better than stock >.> all new speakers (performance Teknique) cut holes for tweeters by hand <,< did a good job though LOL. Replaced the Center console between the seats. Installed a new speedometer. cleaned her inside and out obsessively! did some under the car rust busting and frame painting.. O and replaced all breaks and rotors. however im sure there is little to ZERO rust on the entire car shes as clean as a whistle! Just the other day i went and got a transmission and radiator flush. a full fuel system cleaning. and oil change with this TX7 stuff added or something like that not sure the exact name but i think thats it. im sure there is other stuff im missing but that will work for now =) ALSO! SHE DOES NOT LEAK A SINGLE DROP OF ANYTHING!! when i say not a single i drop i mean ZERO! lol. put some time replacing seals and what not to make her perfect =). anyways here are some images for your viewing pleasure of her engine ill post body pics tomorrow after she gets a bath and a wax.

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HAHAHAH HOLY CRAP! sorry about the photo size lmao! i guess there HD xD i used my nikon D3000 >.> didn't think they would be that big.

I HATE that camera... to get your images smaller change your upload options in Photobucket to 800x600 or smaller and they'll fit most screens.

Rig looks really good. Why did you replace the speedo and did you just replace it with a stock one?

PS. check back in my thread to answers to your questions about the gauges.

yea i was driving cross country and the needle just wacked out! Started jumping all over the place i was doing 20 then i was pegged at 85+ lol so i went to a junk yard pulled one out of a ranger and set the mileage and put it back in mine. worked out great!

nice x