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Bigdaves "desert" X registry

Well I went elite a while back so I guess its time to make a registry. Most of the pics are just of the truck most recently and I'll update this more when I get some off road pics and if it goes under any other major changes. Anyway, here ya go

Front suspension:
Camburg 6.0 performance kit with race spindle and tube uniball upper a arm. (1.5 wider per side)
8" by 2.5" King resivoir shock
Limited at 11-12" of wheel travel

The front fenders are Hannemanns 4" over fiberglass for second gen. explorers

Rear suspension:
Warrior Shackles
Deaver 11 leaf long travel pack
10" by 2.5" King resivoir shock with custom upper and lower tower
Pulls 14.5-15" of wheel travel

Tires and Wheels:
American racing baja 15 x 8 rim
33 x 12.5 pro comp All terrains

The engine is the 4.0 SOHC and the only mod there is the ASMI intake kit

Exhaust is a flowmaster 70 series cat back system with turndown

Re geared to ford factory 4.10's a while ago for the 32's, probably gonna want 4.56 with the 33's though.

2 euro and one pencil Hella 4000's

Hope you guys enjoy it and if you have any questions ask away

February 2005


October 2005








Here are some newer pics of the new kit in action, more to come soon(sorry for the crappy quality too!)





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Nice looking rig! If I could justify King's for my sas i would pick them up in a second. I haven't seen someone use the stock sway bar brackets as a shock mounting point...i may have to duplicate that haha, they are nicely protected the stock mounts should be pretty darn sturdy.

^^I agree. Great looking truck.

CP - What are you talking about???? "I may have to duplicate that" You are using a 9" = no sway bar mounts on it?!?!? :confused:

damnit bmx thanks for pointing out the fact i'm drunk and don't remember what's going on LOL

get in chat!

very nice truck. :thumbsup:


I bet that's a head turner when you drive down the street. I like your choice of brands for your mods. Best of the Best.

Sorry if i missed somthing but in the future are you going to go SOA? by the way sweet rig

Nice ride. How well doe sit handle in the desert?

thanks for the comments guys and i uploaded some new pics above

no i dont want to do soa because i dont want any more lift, its tall enough as it is.

i took it out for the first time with the new suspension and it works amazing, very very smooth over everything, i couldnt be happier with it.

That's a hella good lookin' truck. Action pics rock, very nice. :thumbsup:

What happened to your front bumper?

thanks josh, my stock one is sitting on the side of the house and i got a new one made with a skid plate, you cant really tell in those pics because they suck plus its painted entirely black

I thought that's what it was but wasn't sure, because like you said the pics aren't the clearest.

Oh, and update the avatar. I vote for the last pic. ;)

haha ok i will when i resize it and make it smaller, i thought that one looked cool too

Ok, ok, I changed it. Happy?

yep just changed it just for you josh, enjoy :D

12-17-2005, here is a shot of the new hella 4000's that i swapped out in place of those tiny PIAA 40 series, got two euro beams and a pencil in the middle, cant wait to try them out, also is a better picture of the bumper since i never really shot one to update this

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nope trent (happygilmore) said he couldnt go because he has been way too busy lately and today, its alright though because i got those lights all set up and had a bunch of other stuff to do also, im out of school for another month so im sure we will have plenty of offroad time :thumbsup: