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Biggest Size Stock Tire??

I have a 1999 Explorer Sport. It is stock with no lift kit or anything. I was wondering what is the biggest tire size I can fit? It has 255/70 R16 now. Is it possible to go up to a 265 without tire rub?


without any tire rub whatsoever or what?

Just a little bit when u turn the wheel all the way right or left.

You should be fine with a 265/70/16. You may rub slightly when turning but it'll only be probably at full lock. You can always raise the truck a lil by cranking the torsion bars and adding shackles or a set of leafs off a 4 door since they are not monoleaf like the ones in a 2 door model.

I put 265/75/16's on my 98 Sport. It's tight, but they only required a tiny bit of trimming on the front to avoid rubbing for street use. That was before shackles and TT. After shackles and TT they barely rub when off road.

This is how it looks after shackles and TT: