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billet aluminum dash kit found


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December 1, 2001
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westchester ny
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2001 explorer sport
i finally found what ive been looking for. at they have polished aluminum,billet aluminum, and regular aluminum dash kits for all types of explorers even 01' sports!!! the site has pics of the lay outs of the kits and prices. they also have colored carbon fiber too.

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Wow! good find 2K1!

They have a lot of choices, but did you see those $'s
Pretty steep! But Damn it would look sweet!

I have a lot of mods to do b4 I do that one, but I got to have it!

Johnny V.:D

Looks like a very comprehensive kit. i wouldnt mind that billet alluminum. is it 400 for that? thats crazy:confused:

ya know, I've been looking at this stuff for a long time. That is probablly the nicest aluminum kit I've seen.. and so many choices too! brushed, billet, and.. raw?

I don't tihnk I'll ever commit to getting one of those, I like it, but you know, I don't want to get TOO guady, I'm on the border now with all my stuff heh, a nice brushed auminum kit alone would be cool tho. I say go for it.. then you can show us pictures :D

matt they also have black and silver carbon fiber kits ( as well as other colors) but i was thinking of the black and silver bc of the stock silver trim and black exterior of my truck

Damn it I wish i had seen that before I ordered mine from Exotic Wood dash...! I could've gotten the *real* aluminum I was after! D'oh! :banghead:

Jeezus! my monitor is freakin out. I think im gunna have a siezure. Anyways... I have a 94 X, camel interior and its that foresty green color. Kinda lame. But I am installing the white face indoglo guages with the blue needles... and I wouldnt mind a dash kit. I like blue.. so I was thinking going blue carbon fiber. what do you guys think? Or would that look awful? Hmmm. I like wood.. but not in my ex... its too classy... my 94 x is not classy. :)