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Billy, Clemmons, NC

Here's my truck. 1996 Explorer Eddie Bauer. It's pretty stock (parental units don't want me to do anything to it).

It has:

Medium Williow Green Metallic with Light Saddle lower
JBL System with cassette player
Kenwood CDC-C667 CD Changer
Tan CLOTH seats Dead Link Removed
Neato center colsole trip computer
Vent Visors
WeatherTech Bug Deflector
K&N drop in filter (For Sale!!)
Throttle Cable Mod
Painted Grill (painted it by myself. Dead Link Removed )
I finally sold it with 120,700 miles on it. It was a sad day. :(
Front Clear Corners
Ford's molded rear mud guards
Chrome Exhaust Tip, just the tip, don't have the money to buy the real cat-back. Dead Link Removed
PDA holder
Radar hardwired into the overhead console
NEW!! Sylvania Silverstars/Diamond cut headlights!!
NEW!! Pilot yellow beam fogs
NEW!! K&N FIPK!!!!! :D

Here's a pic:


Tinted front windows

Other mods below...

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Billy, that's a good looking ride. The stock Explorer set up is still the best thing going, imo.

looks good but how did you take off the grill to paint it? is it a apin to do b/c i want to do that with mine also.

Thanks mdrut. I want to do more to it (engine wise) b/c it can use some more power and a little better fuel economy. But since my parents don't want me to spend a lot of money on it so I have to listen to tham, they paid for it, ya know?? Hehe.

Brian, it WAS a pain to get it out. But it's easy after you get all the screws out. I followed what the Hayes manual says and it worked out pretty well. The clips are a b***h to take out. My dad helped taking it out. Oh yeah, remember to retain those clips b/c sometimes they might slip out of the grill. I hope this helps.

the seatbelts in the '96 EB are defective...... so is the sway bar bolt..................................ok that was my PSA........ as i hope off the stand

What are you trying to say?? I got the sway bar links fixed.

they were defecteive on mine so i ended up rol,ling it

Oh, I'm sorry. I hope you didn't have any severe injuries. So...what happen now?? Do you have a new one??


I am going to get a new one........ chceck out the pics on whoops thread

Got some new pics...

...of my truck, with clear corners and superwhite fogs and headlights.


Nice truck I almost got green instead of black

I told matt adams, and riffy I was going to, but I dont know, if I do it will be for off-road use only................


clear corners

did you take the running boards off of your explorer and put the mud flaps on? i have a 95 eddie bauer and i want to get running boards because i think they look better than the flaps. the lower half also is this pumice color that i think is rather bland and i want to get something else, what is yours? i've looked everywhere for clear corners but i couldn't find them, especially now with a new body style for explorers. where did you get yours? did you change the bulbs on the corners to hyper-white? b/c if you didn't maybe that is why they still look yellow.

For the Eddie Bauer Explorers in '95-'98, running boards are optional. Since mine doesn't have running boards, it has side skirts instead. In my opinion, if I put running boards in, it looks a lot lower and less rugged. I have the mud flaps/splash guards for front and rear and they make my truck look good!!

The "beige" is different every year. Like you said, the '95's have Pumice. Mine is a '96 and it is Light Saddle. I think from '97 on, it's Medium Pierre Tan.

As for the clear corners, I got it from e-bay. It's about $55 including shipping. The bulbs are superwhite and they look white in person but the picture doesn't show it.

clear corners

hey this is "white30th" under a different name...the other name was my friend's. anyway, i just searched ebay for the clear corners, but I couldn't find any for an explorer...the clear corners for a ranger look like they may fit, is that what you got?

It's private message. If you click Profile on the top of the page, that'll take you to the private message.

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what type of tint is that it looks perfect