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What's up everyone?
I've been elite for a little while now, but I just wanted to echo how helpful everyone has been on this site. I'm registered on a lot of other enthusiast forums, but this one was really the only one I've felt obligated to contribute to. Below is my truck BillyBob aka "The Redneck Limo". Without the knowledge of the members of this forum, this truck would not be what it is today.
92 XLT
Rebuilt Auto
Coil Sprung D44/9 Inch
F150 Steering box
Double sleeved drag link
Yukon 5.13s
Custom Driveshafts
Spicer U Joints
BDS Shocks
Custom 3" extended shackles
Rough Country AAL
Braided brake lines
Frame has been ground and painted
Trimmed wheel wells
35x14.5" Boggers
Midland CB/PA
Class 3 hitch
No blocks, no spacers

I just took some poser pics, so please enjoy. Thanks again everyone

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Very nicely done! Ever think about droppin in a 302?

Very nicely done! Ever think about droppin in a 302?

oh absolutely! it's about third on my to do list after a locker and winch

nice, i like it! never thought i would have to say that 35's looked kinda "small" on a explorer! lol nice job on it!

nice, i like it! never thought i would have to say that 35's looked kinda "small" on a explorer! lol nice job on it!

lol, yeah i could probably get away with a 36-37 depending on how much more fender i want to trim. i'd rather have a smaller tire that tucks well than a little extra ground clearance. i'm just worried that those coils are too stiff and will limit the articulation. anyone else running F150 springs that can chime in?

inspection time lol

gotta love MA :rolleyes:

I have a set of stockers that i roll on every now and then. I cant fit on any allingment machines unless im on stock rims/tires

nice x u got there keep up good work

well that was a waste of time. no sticker for this rig in MA i guess. my old D35 that was about ready to fall out from under the truck was apparently safe enough for the state to pass, but now that i have basically a whole new suspension, that is somehow unsafe. makes sense.
i had one guy tell me it was because it's too top heavy. that might be true if i was planning on running those stockers all the time, but those boggers are so wide, it feels more stable now than when i had my 33s. guess i have to figure somthing else out...

edit: might try to have my sister register it in Florida (aka the inspection-free state).

So...had the day off from bored...took my doors off. well, i got the driver's side done, taking care of the passenger side when i can get some more quick disconnect wiring harnesses. it actually came out pretty good. Used three individual 6 wire quick disconnect harnesses plus a single quick disconnect for the smallest gauge wire. 19 wires run to the driver's door. Replaced the hinge pins with grade 8 5/16 bolts. they're a little loose on the hinges but not bad. The sleeves were rusted to the hinge pins so they had to come out along with the pins themselves, so the door doesn't line up perfectly, but it's close. as far as the wiring, all the connections were good on the first try. so yeah...thought I'd share

EDIT: Uploaded some pics of what I did. It looks like a massive cluster f*ck of wires but you can see the three quick disconnects I have everything running to so it isn't that bad. Good, bad? What do you all think? And I'll take some more pics when I get the passenger door off

doorless pics