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Bilsteins with Warrior Shackles?


February 24, 2000
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Has anyone found Bilsteins that will work with the Warrior Shackle mod, that is, are long enough to handle the added 1-1/2" of travel created by the Warrior mod? For a '98 XLT.

not sure about the 2ng gen explorers.. but on the first generation explorers.. the stock length replacement shocks from Rancho (rs9000) are actually the same shocks you use for the Rancho 2.5" lift. When I had just an add-a-leaf and shackles it was long enough.. They aren't long enough for OME-36 springs with the War-153 shackles..

so... your stock replacement might be long enough.. The best thing to do is to measure the compressed distance between the shock mounts and then again when it is extended. Then check the Blistein catalog and find the right shock for what you need..