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binding when turning


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December 26, 2016
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louisville, ohio
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1998 explorer
i just bought a 98 auto 4x4 for 400 bucks and fixed the power steering now when i turn sometimes it binds then you will hear a loud pop and then its fine and the 4x4 lights will flash. i disconnected the transfer case motor and drive it and it did not do it. now i was on a navigator forum and they said that means that a sensor is bad on the transfer case. to my knowledge there is only one speed sensor on the transfer case and that drives the speedometer correct? any input on this issue would be greatly appreciated also will the auto 4x4 work without the transfer case motor hooked up?

Sounds like the 4WD is engaged.

I figured but will the auto 4x4 still work without the transfer case motor plugged in? Also what would be the problem causing it to switch into 4x4 high