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Bird between grill and radiator


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October 1, 2014
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Somehow a bird flew in side the front grill of our 2013 and is trapped in the area between the grill and the radiator. ehats the easiest way to get it out?

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I'll bet if you remove the top plastic piece, very easy to do, it will fly out.

Thanks for posting that link. Those pictures were moved out of the thread I linked in my post and were put in a thread of its own.



The bird is deceased and is actually laying all the way down at the bottom in the grill section between the two fog lights. Is there away to remove that plastic piece at the bottom instead of taking the entire grill out?

Dead Bird Stuck


As silly as it might sound there is a dead bird stuck in the front on my Explorer. When I was driving this past Sunday I hit a little black bird while it was flying across the road. The road went into the opening just above my liscense plate and fell down blocking the lower radiator. Does anyone know how I can acess this area? It is too small to put my hand through the open and then down to get the bird. Any idea would be greatly appreciated! :thumbsup:

You should be able to remove the plastic panel under the engine bay (from below) and access that area from there. Mine is held on with a few black plastic screws.

Yuck, that should be fun. Irronically - I've killed 2 birds with this Ex in the month + i've owned it. It's like they are drawn to it. I killed the first one in about the same area as yours but it hit, feathers went everywhere over and the body was seen in the road (RIP) the other was a dumb Dove that didn't move in the street, I honked at it and as I came up to it (over it) THEN it decided to fly into the bottom of the Ex......