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Bizarre Limited factory alarm module behavior


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August 25, 1999
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Sacramento, California
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'93 Limited
1993 Ford Explorer Limited with factory alarm - My alarm module drowned when I was washing my car (common problem with Ford Explorer Limited and others - covered by a TSB). Headlights and flashers and horn all going, wouldn't stop by pressing unlock on key fob or inserting my original FORD key in the ignition.
I disconnected the neg battery and waited. After a couple of hours I reconnected neg battery and alarm went off again (pulled neg battery again).
After trying numerous troubleshooting fixes, I unplugged the connector on the "alarm" side of the alarm module so I could drive it (my keyless remote still works for doors and panic, but no alarm function or starter immobilizer).
After a week, I disconnected neg battery, re-plugged in the connector, reconnected the neg battery terminal and the alarm went off (flashing headlights, flashers and horn). Didn't stop when I pressed unlock on remote or inserted my ignition key BUT I was able to start and drive the car with lights flashing and horn blowing (which confuses me).
Any suggestions? I can drive it with the alarm connector pulled but I'd really like to have the alarm functions again.

Pics of alarm module and connectors please. Curious why your remote lock still works with connector removed. Thought that normally passed through an installed alarm module.
Is a little button near the driver left foot kick panel present btw? If yes, would be helpful in troubleshooting.
Ultimately, seems the module needs more of a dry out or cleaning from the "drown".

Thanks for responding. In the photo of the connector ports, the left connector controls the keyless entry and panic via keyfob. The right connector enables intrusion alarm and starter disable. As I learned by searching a LOT of posts when this originally happened, you can drive the X with the right connector unplugged. If the alarm connector is plugged in and the alarm is activated (lights flashing and horn blowing), then you should not be able to start the vehicle, although I can. That is why I am mystified. Hopefully it should have dried out by now. :) The photos are of a new old stock one I purchased, that I will use to replace the original module if I can't resolve the problem.
BTW the factory installed alarms didn't have a button near the kick panel.

Anti theft module overhead.JPG

Anti theft module ports.JPG