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BL steering question


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October 5, 2003
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99 XL / 4x4 / 4.0 ohv
OK,OK.......I am well aware that questions about body lifts rank up there with, "what size tire can I fit"

I have been reading posts on body lifts for a few months and am sitting down to order the kit tonight or in the morning actually.....

When a search is done on the phrase body lift you get 100 pages of hits, and sadly I have sorted through them...Ususally based on who replied for some of you I trust, others I don't know if there 14 and living in the backwoods of Alaska (wasn't he an interesting lad ;) ), or are tenured mechanical engineers.

Still I remain confused on one point, and it seems that there is a lot of containdictory information in the sites archives...

I have read that both the PA-853 and the PA-883 are the kits to buy due to steering extensions and brackets..

Here is my interpretation tell me If it is correct, and if it is I wish there was a way to edit out all the incorrect posts archived.

Anyway here we go

PA-853 = 3" (ranger or 1st gen I forget) kit utelized for second generation rigs between 95 and 97. This kit is purchased for the correct steering extension, and bracketry needs to be orderd from the pa-883 kit

PA-883 = 3" kit (98+ Ranger) utelized for second generation explorer's 98+
This kit contains everything I need?
Or like I have read in some posts will I need to modify the steering extension.
I believe this has the appropriate extension, but could someone verify this for me....PLEASE ;)

And sorry for another BL question

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I have the 833 kit on my 00 and the rear bumper brackets do not fit. I heard that they would, but when a few other mechanics and I went to bolt the bumper up...the holes wouldn't match up and we couldn't figure out how it would. The steering extension works wonders. The front brackets work great. just the rear bumper brackets will need to be modified or made. Hope it helps!


If things go well, hopefully I won't have to worry about the rear bumper, for it will be replaced. Thank you for the reply and input. I was hoping that the steering extension would be correct.

You will be fine on the steering extension. Good luck.


Thanks, I'll probably need that good luck. Hopefully a friend and I will tackle this either right before x-mas or shortly after.

Basicly my partner needs to get out of school for winter break so I can use her car for work if it takes longer than expected, and it will, considering the way my parts list keeps getting unrelated things added to it that I might as well do while I'm under there :confused:

I don't know if it will make a difference on your's or not but on my steering extension piece from the kit on my 95 with kit 853 which is correct as you stated above we had to drill one of the groves in the steering extension piece farther down than it came from kit for it to fit properly, you may or may not run into this problem just giving you fair warning before you try beating it on like are dumba@@es did :confused:

Bryce, when you are ready to do this, call me.

I want to come watch and drink your beer for you while you are under there :D

No really, I am curious about how tought it will be.

Where are you going to order your kit from? :chug: :chug:


I would love to have any extra hands possible!!! I have one friend conned into helping on the condition that I start on his 4runner build-up next.

And you are always welcome to come and drink my beer.

I looked around a bit for the best price, and everybody is pretty consistent between 150 and 165. Summit Racing gets the 150 though because they have other things that I need.

Are you handy with a welder???

dreamr said:
Albino, Are you handy with a welder???

Never touched one, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night

Oh well, I need to learn. But that is another project anyway.

So I'll send you a pm when I get ready to pick the weekend.