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Black Billet Grille


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December 4, 2006
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2002 XLT
Hey I just got black headlights and finally found black corners for my 2002 ford explorer. Now, I am wondering if anyone has or knows where I can get a black billet grille (upper and bumper grilles). I would prefer probably a pollished black grille with an easy installation. Also I want a completely black grille, no chrome trim around it. Please respond back with any suggestions.

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. really if you pull the grill out and paint it, it can look really sweet, ive seen some guys rides after they did that and it looked great

StreetScene Speedgrilles have black chrome versions - am unsure of a bumper to go with the main one however.

where did u end up finding those black corners. i have been looking for months.

carraige works makes a black billet grill for our X's, upper and lower

 has the best deal on the Carriage Works Black Upper and Lower Grille. I just installed it on my '03 looks fantastic!! The Upper is super easy to install, but the lower isn't so hard as it is tedious, pay attention when you mount the lower. The end result is great though, I'll post pics soon hopefully.

Oh and please tell us where you got your smoked corners, I'm also looking for some more "factory" looking, NOT "altezza" looking, smoked tail lights.

you can smoke the tails, Ive been thinking of using vht night shades on my factory grille for that black chrome look, no idea how it will turn out.

let me know how that goes conig.. im interested on finding out. as far as the replies on the black corners go, i found them on ebay but they are wicked hard to find. i had to check almost everyday.

who knows when and if Ill even try it so don;t hold out, being a transparent paint my hope is some of the original chrome will shine through.