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Black grille for 2010 Sport Trac limited


November 10, 2010
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Gainesville, FL
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2010 Sport Trac Ltd 4x4
Hello. I have just upgraded from a 2005 Sport Trac to a new 2010 Sport Trac Limited. It is black and I am not a big fan of the chrome grille. Does anyone know of any good options (Adrenalin grille, painting mine, aftermarket grilles) to get rid of the chrome look and go to something black.

I called the dealer and they said they can't be sure if the Adrenalin grille with the grille surround will fit in the space of my chrome grille.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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or install the ironman explorer grille, which you can purchase from the dealership


There's always the DIY - How To remove and paint your front grille

I know there's a black "bentley-style" grille out there as well that will fit (check the 06+ Area). Personally, I'd say DIY or Ironman grille are your best bets.


Thanks for all the good suggestions. Does anyone know if the ironman grille is a flat black or glossy? It is hard for me to tell from the pictures. Also, I really appreciate the responses. This is my first post and it has been very helpful.

I'm not sure, I think it matches the fender flares that have a matte finish to them....but DON'T buy it off what I said, I just think that from looking at other pics online

It's glossy, just like on all the Adrenalins.

The adrenalin grill will not fit. You will need to buy the entire adrenalin front clip. I would have your grill painted. If you can buy an ironman grill painted with shipping and sales tax for less than you painting your oem that.

Thanks. I am going to look into the ironman grille. Just to be sure I understand. If I order the OEM grill it will come with a glossy black finish. I don't have to have it painted black, correct. I know it won't exactly match my black clearcoat but I could install it just as it comes from Ford?

I bet it matches perfectly. I think the gen 2 sport tracs have two different blacks. One is a glossy black and the other is an onyx black that has metal flake in it. Really need to see how much it would cost to just paint your oem one. You may be surprised at how cost effective it is.

I went to my local body shop to inquire about how much it would cost to paint my chrome one. They pretty much talked me out of it saying that with their experience the paint will not stick. He said he would do it, he just wouldn't warrrantee it at all. I asked how long he thought the paint would be good and he said it could be a week or a year...not very helpful! He threw me off, so I didn't even get to the point of asking how much. I will call tomorrow.

Well.... That guy fed you a line of bs IMO.

I saw a black ironman explorer 08 at Sams Club today. The grill looked like it was flat black.

New Black Grille and Wheels on my 2010 Limited

I wanted to thank everyone for their input on my previous threads about these two modifications. After much searching I bought an ironman grille and had it painted black at a local body shop ($500 total).

I had a hard time finding wheels that I liked that had the right bolt pattern and offset. I lucked out when the Fuel Wheel manufacturer had an 18" blank wheel with the right offset that they drilled to the right bolt pattern for the Sport Trac. Otherwise I would have had to go to 20's and really didn't want to do that. So I bought 18 x 9 Fuel Gauge wheels and put 265/65/18 Bridgestone Deuler AT Revo 2's on them ($1800 out the door for everything including road hazard). Merry Christmas to me!

Here is a picture of the finished product.

The Ironmans are a Flat or slightly-Satin Black. The later Explorer Sport grilles are glossy. I think the Ironman would look better. I'm with you -- when I had my ST, I wanted to rid of the chrome grille.

If properly prepped, why couldn't it be painted? Look for a used grille on ebay. That way you don't hack up a perfect new one.

Some info for anyone who may like to have it... Not sure if the Adrenalin grill actually would fit on the regular explorer, the parts guy at Ford thinks it does, but it does look like the Adrenalin grill might be slightly longer top to bottom.

At any rate, if anyone wants to buy one and try it, the part number for the grill panel is 8A2Z-8419-APTM MSRP is 485.45. The grill insert is 8A2Z-8200-A MSRP is 90.03. The Adrenaline has a 2 piece grill as listed above. The grill fits inside of the panel.

Additionally, the Adrenalin / Ironman OEM black headlights are also a nice upgrade. The cost (MSRP) around 271.83 a piece, but can usually be had for around 200/piece. The part number(s) are 8L2Z-13008-A and 8L2Z-13008-B. Just wanted to share since I know I was looking for this info and couldnt find it anywhere. I ended up going with the Bentley style grill and when I get it all painted and installed, Ill be sure to post some pictures.

I was told by my dealer and by others on this site that the adrenalin grill would not fit unless I replaced the entire front end clip. Too bad since I really like the way it looks. I didn't realize that my link in the previous post was not working. Here is another link where you can see the my new Sport Trac with the black grille and new wheels/tires.

I would love to see your new Bentley style grille when you have it installed.

That looks good. Now you just need the black Adrenalin style headlights. Ive got a set of those on order too!

I just installed a new black front grill. If anyone wants to buy a mint OEM grill to get it pained, please let me know via private message. Make an offer.

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I know the last posts on this thread are pretty old but does anyone know if the ironman grille will work on a 2007 sport trac xlt without having to make any modifications to the grille or the truck? just pull the old one off and put the new one on and it look factory?