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Black Headlights and Corners from Amazon


February 7, 2006
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Columbia, SC
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2005 XLT Explorer
Just wondering, has anyone tried these? Or anyone have any insight? I've read the threads pertaining to painting your own, but my work schedule right now does not allow me to do much.

Anzo USA 111071 Ford Explorer Black With Amber Reflectors Headlight Assembly


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For $200 it's really worth just doing it yourself. It really easy and only takes a few hours.....

And you can mask off the actual reflective part... a blacked-out reflector doesn't seem like a good idea to me.

You can find them on Ebay for cheaper. 130 I think.

Spent about 2 hours, and about 30 dollars to black the inside of my head lights, and black out my side lights and tail lights. Saves tons of money.

How did u black out the side lights

When I tried baking side lights all they did was start to melt..

I had already bought the corners off ebay for 26 bucks, I was just messing around with my old ones for practice lol. But now I know

No,i just used the spray i used for the tail lights just not as thick of a coat. The lights i have in there were bright enough that their still visible in broad daylight. heres what they looked like. Not the best but i like the way they came out. The cops said it was legal and that since they were clearly visible during daylight that there was no problem.
Sorry for the dirty after pic. Havent cleaned it since the mud..