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Black Magic Suggestion....


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December 2, 2002
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Virginia Beach, Virginia
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2001 Explorer Sport
Who else believes that Black Magic should get a nice Clean Billet grill, i like the look that hes got, but i really believe that with a billet grill that it bring everything together. This is just my suggetion to you Black Magic, im not flaming on you at all, i love everything about your explorer, but i think with everything done to the front end that a billet grill would complete it all. Is there anyone else that agrees. YAY OR NAY.

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go for the billet.... but billit seems to played out now..... do they make those cut flames ones or tribal SS ones nowadays for the Sports?

How nice i think you should buy him one and send it anonomously think of how happy he would be then

:D ;) :)

I think he used to have a speed grille, but he prefers a factory grill.

If I was to get one that is the one I would get.

Originally posted by Hartman
I think he used to have a speed grille, but he prefers a factory grill.

I don't have anything in there at all. I took the Factory HoneyComb out in preparation of a Promised Billet grill, in fact the one that slvrbullet linked. But Never got it. However, I fell in love with the look of the nothing.

Slvrbullet, thanks I know it looks like something is missing. I might get one and see what it looks like, might have it powder coated Gloss Black.

But who else thinks that without the bottom billet in the bumper area two is half done? Since I have my PIAA's custom mounted in there they would interfere with the mounting. Plus I would have to cut the grill to accommodate them. Now I would also want to custom make a 3-5 bar grill for the Hood Scoop too. I don't know... You just have no idea the aneurysms I give myself thinking about all these mods!

Here is a pic, I am at work and can't Photochop here. If you want to see what you can do. In Pollished and also in Black.


Matt, I think if you get a grill and put it in the airbam and hood scoop that's a little overboard. Especially in the hood scoop, I'm just not a big fan of that. If it were like black or some kind of mesh in black that would be better. A regular billet grill like in that like makes it a more flush look, I think, and would look great on your truck. I'm at work so I can't photochop either. I'll try it using Paint though :rolleyes:

Here's my poor excuse of a photochop. But you can't expect much from using Microsoft Paint, the powerful editing program what come with Windows.


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I like the billit, but my fav is the speed grill. I think the no-grill look is trick, especially with the open scoop.

So I guess I am no help:banghead:

I like the idea of a powdercoated black speedgrill.

NAY. Unless it's painted black as well.

I agree, I have a nice Smoothe Black thing going. Altho I did not like the Black Out's for the Headlights. I still have them if the mood strikes me.


yes it does look great the way it is, i just think it would look even better with the grill, if i was you matt, i wouldnt even put the bumper grill in, just the main and two sides, i think it looks better with your lights there, plus its a little to much with the bumper grill in my opinion. I think the billet grill with a nice black powdercoat would be sweet..... than i dont really think it would be necesarry to do the hood scoop if you powder coated it, you would have to make somethin up if you were to keep it polished though. Just my opinion's, i love it just the way it is though also... Either WAY IS SWEET..

It's got a sinister look now. If anything, maybe an SVT like black honeycomb or wire mesh grill to complement what you've done.

But really, please leave it alone so the rest of us can try to catch up!

i think a speed grille would look excellent. JMO.

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Don't get a billit grill for your truck. Furthermore, I absolutely love the look of how there is nothing behind your grill. Removing the honeycomb in the grill was IMO one of the best things you did to the front end. It reminds me of what possibly a "SVT Sport" front end would look like (think of the Cobra front end as apposed to stock Mustang).

I even think a billit grill powdercoated black, while it would probably look good, is really not the best route to go. I say keep it the way it is, 100%.

Also, usually on black cars, especially SUV's, I think the headlight covers look great. It really can make the whole front end look completely different. But for some reason, I am actually not a big fan of them on yours. The "crystal clear" looking clear corners adds that Sport look that I think is taken away with the headlight covers.

Yeah, so that's my two cents ;) :cool: