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Black Smoke

Wavy Davy

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September 29, 2003
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ON Canada
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Explorer 94 XLT
Hi Guys
First and for most I have to say thank god for this site. With the help of some good advise from this site I saved myself some mega bucks. My 94 Explorer XLT started to blow black smoke, burned gas and ran like crap. After reading several threads on this site I narrowed it down to the MAF sensor, (mass air flow) sensor. Well my chin hit the floor to find out that a new one was $269.00 plus tax CND funds. I looked around and found a used one for $60.00 installed. Well fellas the 4Bore is running like new, and I fell back in love with my truck all over, (till next time). So thanks again for the help. I'm a new comer to this site, but will be boasting it to all my friends.
Wavy Davy
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glad to hear the good news, this site has saved me lots of $$, given me ideas to mod the truck, and there are great people that post here. Don't hesitate to post often, and search though the thousands of great threads already on here.