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Blackbox, before... before... after...

I was just messing around looking through some pics and stumbled on these.

The life of Blackbox and why I am in the poorhouse:

Before 4x4central...


After seeing ricks truck...


After seeing troll's video...


Which one?

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i love them both! but i like the current one the best. i do have a few questions about the old black box though. what kind of roof rack and lights are those and do you still have them?

The New BlackBox is phat. Any supercharged explorer is tight


Can't wait to get my rear wing and I am shaving the rack tomorrow...

I got the rack off ebay a LONG time ago and it was a Surco 45x60. I had two hella 500's in the rear and two hella 1000's in the front. Sold the rack and rear lights to Digger196 on the forum and the front lights to bluesteel. Those 1000's are so bright, it's ridiculous. If I had to get lights again though, I would definitly splurg for lights. Nice and haus like my flashlight :D

I do have a question to everyone, any suggestions on my front bumper? I screwed up the bottom part in a wheeling accident so I cut it off. Does it look like it needs something?

I like them both, but I like the first a little better, with the rack. But that is just cause I like mine.

Anyway, you have a nice car either way.

yea at first glance it looked like i saw the lightforce script on the lense of the lights, thats why i asked. i am looking into buying some lightforce lights right now, but im not sure if i want go to with the big 240's or the normal sized 170's. i want the 240's but im afraid i wont like the size...

it needs a black limited bumper... or a 99 and up explorer bumper painted black with the exporer express lip... that would really confuse and look great on your merc

I like the black box with the front bumper as is... I know that sounds crazy, but it makes it stand out, and unique... not the same as every other ex/moiuntaineer... Because, well... its NOT every other ex/mntr... ya know. Sweet ride... Its one of my "favs"

As always, thanks...

coolchriscush - I would say go for the 240's but they really won't look right mounted on the roof of any truck. I had them on the front of my XJ (yeah yeah yeah, a jeep) and it looked tight. They are sweet lights and I got them really cheap from an army buddy. Talk avout durability... lightforce lights are indestructable. I had a green jeep and I would put the green lenses on in the day and switch to the infra-red ones at night. Awesomes lights whether you get the 170s or the 240s.

expo5.0 - exactly what I thought in the beginning. I went to a million junkyard looking for a limited bumper, any color but no luck. I like the round fogs cause I want to use them as cold air intakes for the blower instead of fogs... I don't know yet... I still like the way she looks without the valence.

Soundguy01tx - Your the first one to say that and I kind of agree. Just gives it that "different" look to it. I have never gotten knocked on at car shows about it. Makes it look kind of beefy instead of ricey. Thanks man. Now I just need a system in it. Next project.

If anyone it interested... I shaved the roof rack off tonight. Check it out:

Roof rack gone and supercharged emblems installed

hey do ya got any pics of the xj with the 240's on the front? id love to see how it looks if you do...


sorry, this is the only pic I have on my computer of the tank... I will see if I can't scan something in tomorrow.

(minor flooding in town)


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Sorry about the chop job here... would you ever consider something like this? Think you can get those tires under there? :)


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i personally like it at the height its at... it looks cool.

and thanks for lookin into gettin pics.... i really want the 240's but everyone is telling me that they will look goofy and im starting to believe it.


My girlfriend just said, "My mustang finally get's a picture taken of it and someone goes and chops it up."

LMAO... haha.

98FordX24 - Wow, thanks for taking the time to do that. I thought about dropping it for car shows with hydrolics or something but those tires won't fit under there as it. Also, I still go wheeling on the beach and stuff... if I droped it, i would never be able to do that. Funny thing is, I wouldn't really have to drop it that much to get that lowrider look because my tires are over 32" in diameter. I bet a 2" drop would give me that look. Might look into it for on of the shows... Thanks man!

coolchriscush - 240's are huge. They looked a little strange on my jeep and I can assure you they will look out of place on the explorer. The only places I have seen them look right were on a Wrangler (because of there huge front), a Discover and a Hummer. Come to think of it, a jeeper buddy of mine that i met on a forum has his pic up on the Lightforce site. Here ya go:

(Oh yeah, and if anyone is interested in my streamlight flashlight, let me know... I have got to get that lightforce striker corded)


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when you getting stage 2 nitrous on the truck? your truck doesn't spin out all four tires, so it's not fast enough!!! i think you also need some type R stickers on the rear. that would give you 20 more horses!!

What size tires are you running ?

I love your truck I am thinking of doing something similar to my 97 sport except run 20's with 325/50r20 nitto's wich are around 33" in diamter and maybe some light force lights mounted right next to the side mirrors.

Oh what kind of wing are you planning on running ?

325?? ur gonna have to cut ur fenders for that.. woah.. talk about rubbing.. i dont think anyone here with sport tires has over 285. and his car is being sold.. or he is trying to sell it.. hes planning another project.. project fastbox? lol

What about the 305/50R20 they run 31.89 diameter or is would this still require cutting ?
I am intent on running 20"s

they would rub unless u lift.. and i think the 305 will still be too wide. they would rub everywhere.. but then again. every x is a bit different. some back put sizes on that others cant without a lift. if u can, go to a tire shop, ask to put on a tire that size on the rims u want. see if it rubs.

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You'll be fine in the buttend but you are gonna rub on your sway in the front when you turn hard. Most problems aren't the height as much as the offset of the rim though...